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Paid Search (SEM)

AmQuip, is the leading provider of crane rentals and related services in the Northeastern United States. They own and operate hundreds of cranes, ranging from small 6-ton industrial cranes up to 500-ton all-terrain and crawler type machines. AmQuip needed to drive new traffic to their web site and to convert browsers into customers.

A strategic plan was developed to drive traffic, both through keyword research in the industry and the implementation of cross-reference points to those keywords. Traffic was further refined in terms of industry demographics and personal psychographics of the most potential searchers. Keywords and their associations were used to generate click-throughs and capture relevant information on the leads, enabling the in-house sales team to follow-up and close the deal.

Over a three-year period, the search campaign generated a click-through rate of more than 40,000 and resulted in 450 direct leads.

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