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Website Design/SEO/SEM

To establish a professional Web presence to drive inquiries and customer bookings while differentiating their company and services from others who offer a similar type sales proposition. Due to a complex franchisee contract which limited logo use, design and competition, any materials created had to fit within these confines.

A simple and easy-to-navigate Web site was designed and built with a strong focus on call to action and to drive customers to schedule an appointment or receive more information. DLG wrote concise yet SEP focused content for the site to attract search crawlers, retain users’ interest and remain digestible and “above the scroll.” The site also provided “free” information about carpet care, floor and tile / grout cleaning to educate the user and offer quick tips that would benefit them while driving search results to the client’s advantage.

After the site launch, an SEO/SEM campaign was implemented to target potential customers by geographic location, time of day and day of week that initiated the most calls into the call center. By using long-tail keyword search terms to refine the results from “shoppers” to “buyers” the client only paid for the keywords that were relevant and most likely to convert results to customers booking appointments. Inquiries for services increased immediately and quickly became the main source of new customer development surpassing previous direct mail campaigns and local printed coupon offers. The client garnered a fresh, viable database of potential customers from information gathered online and from people registering for a chance to win free services. As a result, acquisition costs per client were cut in half.

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