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Table 31


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Marketing and Restaurant Consulting

To differentiate the restaurant from the myriad of other recently opened steakhouses and drive traffic for lunch, dinner and special events.

Worked with the chef to determine Italian specialties and favorite dishes and redesigned the menu to feature items not offered by competitive restaurants. Created a $9 bar menu and special dinner “packages” which encouraged patrons to eat while they drink, increasing the average ticket and drawing a new, younger crowd to eat at the bar several nights a week. This helped differentiate Table 31 and made it the place to eat and “be seen”. In addition, an off-site corporate catering and unique events program was introduced to increase party space and catering revenue.

Established Chris Scarduzio as a “star” chef and both critics and patrons agree that the new direction is a welcome change from the other steakhouses. Bar menu changes and other packages increased repeat visits and diversified patron traffic. Catering revenue is up and the chef was encouraged to package a line of steak sauces and is pursuing a merchandising deal for restaurants in Dubai.

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