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Client / Vesper Hospitality Investments


Vesper Hospitality Investments

Zavino Wine Bar Pizzeria


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Brand and Collateral Creation/Restaurant Consulting

An established group of investors needed a cohesive brand under which to start their new project development (Vesper Hospitality Investments). In addition, the first project being produced under the new group identity lacked brand direction and several components of its restaurant identity (Zavino Pizzeria & Wine Bar).

For Vesper, the DLG team created and designed a complete logo package that included a logo, color palette, font and brand standards to represent the look, feel and mission of the partners. These elements were then translated to all printed collateral materials (letterhead, business cards, office signage, etc.) A cost effective Web site was also created to afford the group a web presence and allow visitors to access information about them and their projects without the need for extensive and expensive bells and whistles.

For Zavino, a logo direction and color palette was developed for use on all printed collateral as well as staff uniforms, menus and other in-house needs. DLG worked in tandem with a graphic designer chosen by the client to create an organic feel that exemplified the food, ambience and service goals of the restaurant. Once the core brand elements were established, DLG brought the project back in-house for the design and development of the Zavino website. The site included easy-to-use navigation, call to action on each page and content editing for best SEO search results.

For both Vesper and Zavino, DLG directed the project from idea phase to implementation and even sourced the most cost effective printing and programming solutions, which resulted in savings of thousands of dollars for the client. DLG continues to collaborate with Zavino and Vesper in a consultant capacity to insure that the brand mission and direction remain consistent on every level.

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