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Nate NicholsNate Nichols's charismatic personality might be what initially "hooks" you, but don't let that fool you. This young, bright, innovative entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA, knows how to deliver, and in spades! With a background in marketing and design, specializing in creating integrated strategies to develop and expand customer sales, along with brand and product awareness, Nate has taken what he has taught others, and spring-boarded into his own company with Dine & Ditch. D&D is a mobile application and via GPS will locate a participating restaurant. The goal is to pre-pay meals, saving money and time during lunch meetings, office lunch cravings, after work happy-hour events or dining with family and friends.
Nate's phenomenal success as a marketing and social media consultant with www.NewYork.com, Keys to the Estate, Small business owners through out the Philadelpha Market and DLG Branding, just to new a few, coupled with his numerous speaking engagements, has made him a much sought-after business partner. Now, with Dine & Ditch on the menu, there will be no stopping this Boy Wonder Extraordinaire.
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