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A proven Digital marketing and advertising executive with 18 years of senior level corporate and agency experience, Steve Rockman leverages unique strengths in global strategic planning; marketing planning, business development and digital marketing built through leadership assignments in the communications, technology and non-profit sectors.

Currently Steve oversees all digital activities for DLG. His past experience has had him responsible for the online business for; Smooth Fitness, Caron Treatment, Virtua, GPTMC, UWISHUNU, Cornell University and The Ritz Carlton. Prior to joining The Star Group, Steve served as Senior Vice President, eMarketing with NextLeft in Los Angeles, and was Senior Vice President at Epic Cycle Interactive in San Diego.

In those roles he was responsible for overall digital brand strategy, account planning and management, and interactive / direct marketing for the agency’s key clients including: Deloitte Consulting, SunGard Data Systems, Yellow Pages Global Media, PECO Energy / Exelon, SEI Corporation VerticalNet, Proxicom, Fujitsu, Pfizer, Merck, Astra Zeneca, American Express, ABC Sports, Verizon SuperPages, The Pennsylvania Lottery, E-Z Pass. Steve has produced over 300 digital projects and has won international awards for his works with ABC Sports, The Philadelphia Eagles, The 2000 Republican National Convention and The Pennsylvania Lottery.

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